About Us

KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited and its subsidiaries provide leveraged forex and other trading, cash dealing and securities trading referral services to meet the needs of its clients. We insist on being innovative and in the process creating wealth together with our partners and clients, and achieving various goals.

  • KVB Kunlun Financial Group Limited (“Company”, together with its subsidiaries, the “Group”) has won certificates of conformity from financial supervisory commissions in Australia, New Zealand and the Hong Kong region about the quality of our credit and professionalism, was granted with the advanced financial business licenses and business permits, and was listed on Hong Kong Stock Exchange (“HKEx”) in 2013 and transferred to the main board in 2017 (Stock Code: 6877.HK). The Group is one of a few dual-qualification financial institutions which have won business licenses from many countries and successfully listing. Thus, the Group enjoys its established leading position in the industry.

    We are committed to developing internationally advanced financial products and technology, break through regional limits on financial investment and services as a trailblazer, and meet diverse market demands in different countries or regions. We continuously improve our services and innovative ability and have won several awards in the forex trading industry as well as international business and trade service industry. In this way, the Group provides a wide range of trade products and one-stop financial services to independent traders, fund managers, professional asset management institutions, financial institutions, foreign trade businesses and banks in the Asia-Pacific region, laying a solid foundation for their investment and development in the forex field.